A Night at the Museum, Like No Other…

Techspace Learning has been asked many times to be involved in special events and science displays, but this event at the SA Museum, was certainly one of the most creative, entertaining and fun nights we have been lucky enough to participate in.

The 18+ event was called “The Night Aquatic” and there where many shenanigans over the evening. There were Pirates and Jelly Fish, Treasure Maps and Polynesian Dancers and so much more. Held on a Friday evening in May at the Museum in the city, this sold out event had everyone excited about dressing up and having a “night-out” with a difference.

Techspace Learning set up a sunken treasure challenge, and participants had to use our Arduino based Sea Perch, which had been fitted with LED lighting, especially for the night, to provide better vision to snap up the treasure. Many tried….many failed, many watched on with anticipation and wonder.

One attendee Callum, managed to snap up the treasure in just 7.41 seconds, but we believed this to be beginners luck, so we asked him to try again. Alas, he could not repeat this incredible time, but the time still stood. He was awarded a Norwegian Blue Parrot, a direct descendant of Captain Blooblood’s faithful companions. Callum celebrated with an Ale or two (or was it rum…).

Connor however, managed to grab that treasure in 21.66 seconds, and proved his skill by achieving it a second time, and for his mighty effort, he was awarded with a SA Museum membership, a prize we are sure, he was not expecting to win!

Now one must take into account, alcohol had been consumed, and driving a Sea Perch is not something the average person does every day. But everyone agreed, the night was a huge success, and it was truly a fabulous evening.

Two years prior to this event, Techspace Learning collaborated with the SA Museum in another fun event for families young and old. As part of their Space Themed school holiday program we brought along our famous Bottle Rocket Launcher, another Arduino based device, created at the Hallett Cove Robotics Club, many years ago.

Everyone was encouraged to design their own bottle rocket, and everyone used their creativity and aerodynamic ideas, to create their rocket. Once ready for take off, then they used our launcher to send their rocket into space, well actually, it was launched into a net to ensure everyone’s safety; However, it was launched, and they could take their prize creation home with them to remember the experience.

The Robotics Clubs have often taken the bottle launcher to large ovals, just to see how far a bottle rocket could go. With a little tweaking, experimentation and a heap of fun and creativity, bottle rockets have been launched far into the distance, with some flying so far, they could never be found again…..or perhaps they have landed on the moon, we may never know!!

A Night at the Museum, Like No Other…