What we do

Techspace Learning's purpose is to promote and manage not-for-profit services and programs that provide opportunities for people to pursue STEM based learning in an, informal, hands-on, self paced environment. The Vision of the organisation is to see a “robotics club” in every community, providing local opportunities for people to engage, explore and practice STEM related activities at their own pace while being supported by local mentors.

What we do

Term 4 Workshops Now Available.     We offer a range of workshops for anyone who has an interest in STEM. Our informal and hands-on style is what allows people to engage with STEM. The knowledge gained from these workshops


Techspace Learning provides the education tools and knowledge to either deliver a STEM based program or assist in the establishment of an independent local robotics club. Techspace Learning’s STEM based program takes the form of 1-2 hour workshops that can


Techspace Learning Inc. was established by members of the Hallett Cove Robotics Club to manage outreach and fundraising activities.   Techspace Learning was founded by Don Eickhoff, after realising a need for high quality STEM education. Techspace Learning’s purpose is to promote

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